The SRSD review policy follows the double-blind peer review scheme. The anonymity of Authors and Reviewers is maintained throughout the review process.

The Reviewers are requested to follow the ethical standards policy of the SRSD, in particular:

  • Treat the reviewed manuscripts and the related correspondence with the Editorial Team as highly confidential. If the Reviewer obtains privileged information or ideas through the peer review, it must be kept confidential and not used for personal advantage.
  • Alert the Editorial Team if they suspect plagiarism or any other ethical concerns.
  • Inform the Editorial Team if they suspect conflict of interest resulting from competitive, collaborative or any other relationship or connection with the Author(s) or institution(s) connected to the paper.
  • Inform the Editorial Team if they receive the invitation to review a paper that does not match their field of expertise
  • Inform the Editorial Team if they are not able to review the manuscript in due time, to ensure the promptness of the review process
  • Objectively evaluate the reviewed manuscripts, based solely on the content of the revised paper and its relevance to the SRSD’s aims and scope. The comments should be formulated clearly, with supporting arguments, in order to help the Author(s) to improve their manuscripts.
  • Assist the Editorial Board and the Publisher in the peer review process and in making the final decision concerning the submitted manuscripts.

The Editors gratefully acknowledge the Reviewers’ efforts in increasing the quality of the SRSD content.